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MBC took part in the study tour organized by UN Women Georgia

MBC took part in the study tour organized by UN Women Georgia


To support the progress achieved as part of the principles of women’s empowerment, UN Women Georgia organized a study tour for WEPs signatory companies to Norway’s capital of Oslo from 23 to 27 August. The leaders of 14 businesses took part, ranging from the first signatories of the WEPs to more recent members.

MBC as one of the signatory company of WEPs also participated in the study tour. Corporate responsibility and public relations consultant of MBC - Tamta Aslanishvili took part in the study tour. 

The purpose of the study tour was to enable the company leaders to hear best practices and learn from the experience of the country, which ranks third in the Global Gender Gap Index, and to discuss success cases and initiatives, current challenges and opportunities. Participants also heard from local businesses about the positive impact of promoting gender equality, including the significant role it plays in the improvement of not only a particular business but also the entire community, economy and State as a whole.

The study tour participants met with the heads of the Norwegian companies Storebrand, Telenor and HerSpace. They learned about the programmes and projects implemented by these organizations to support women’s empowerment, diversity and inclusion, discussing the initiatives that contribute to achieving gender equality in Norway as well as those that are relevant for Georgia.

It is noteworthy that the Georgian company representatives discussed various business opportunities with the staff of the Georgian Embassy in Oslo. As part of the visit, they also met with Norwegian politician Trine Skei Grande, whose name is associated with many of the steps taken towards promoting women’s rights in Norway. At the end of the study tour, the participants attended the Diversify Nordics Summit, an annual conference on inclusiveness and involvement.

MBC took part in the study tour organized by UN Women Georgia