Auto Loan

  • If you are planning to replace your car, or you want to get up to 80% of the existing car appraisal amount for any need – an MBC Auto Loan is your best option.
  • MBC allows you to take advantage of the most tailored-to-you conditions - buy your chosen car with simplified procedures, or get funding for any other purpose using your existing car.
  • When using the MBC Auto Loan, the car remains in your possession, and the monthly payment set by the payment schedule covers both the principal amount and the interest of the loan.
  • Get an Auto Loan of up to 50,000 GEL approved in 30 minutes, without leaving home!
  • When using the remote Auto Loan, you will not need to visit an MBC branch to get the loan approved: The car will be evaluated remotely, and you will receive our answer without needing to leave home.

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What are the Advantages of an MBC Auto Loan

With an MBC Auto Loan, you no longer have to worry about saving up money over years: Once the loan is approved, you can buy a new car, or pursue any other purpose.

MBC reviews the application of any customer with any credit history, and offers:

The best terms for an Auto Loan of up to GEL 50,000;
Review financing in case of any credit history;
Receive a response remotely;
Decrease the payment schedule, tailor it to your income;
Transfer from any financial organization;
Fast and simplified procedures;

Why You Should Get an MBC Auto Loan


Because there are always better conditions herewith us!



  • The lowest interest rate!
  • Higher vehicle rating!
  • Simplified procedures!
  • The loan can be approved without your leaving home!
  • Vehicle evaluation done remotely!
  • Loans for customs clearance and import of your chosen car!
  • MBC is represented in almost all major towns and cities in Georgia!
  • The car remains in your name!


What Do You Need to Get an Auto Loan

MBC will consider any application of a customer with any credit history. Auto loans will be issued to individuals who are 20 years or over.

To get a loan, you will need:

A car

ID card or passport

Its Certificate of Registration

Main Terms of the Auto Loan

Loan Currency
Maximum Loan Amount
50,000 GEL
Maximum Loan Term
72 Months
Nominal Interest Rate (Fixed)
From 24%
Effective Interest Rate
From 27.5%
From 1%
Standard Cost of Lien Registration
GEL 113
Overdue Fine
From 0.2% To 0.25%
Early Redemption Fee
If, before the end of the contract, there is left 6 month: 0%; 6-12 months: 0,5%; 12-24 months: 1%; 24+ months: 2%

How do I get the desired amount

Fill out the online application

Wait to Hear From Us

Visit a nearby MBC branch

What Else You Need to Know about Auto Loans

There are two types of auto loans:

  • Auto Loan
  • Auto Leasing

Auto Loan: You are the owner of the car, which greatly simplifies the process of disposing of it during the loan period.
Auto Leasing: The car you want to buy is owned by the company until you fully repay the loan. Unless another company offers you better terms and interest rate, you will not be able to easily port the loan.


Which Product Do You Want?
The purpose of the MBC Auto Loan is not limited to buying a car, as the company also offers financing of up to 80% of the estimated value of your car - not only for the purchase of the car, but also for any other needs. You can also transfer from another financial institution and improve the conditions. The monthly payment set by the payment schedule covers both the principal amount and the accrued interest.
If you want to drive a better car, get up to 80% of the estimated value of your car for any need.

Choose MBC as your new guide and get financing today!