Start Up Loan

  • MBC Start Up Loan gives you the opportunity to turn an idea into a business, or get financing for development of the existing business!
  • Loan up to 100,000 GEL with minimal documentation and simplified procedures!
  • MBC will provide you with free services of business consulting and financial advisor.


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What are the benefits of MBC Start Up Loan?

The main advantage of Start Up loan is the fast and simplified procedures! In addition, MBC gives you the opportunity to take advantage of an individual payment schedule tailored to your income.

If you have an interesting idea to start or expand a business, MBC will provide you a free business consultation and will finance the implementation of the ideas.

Always better terms for a Start Up loan of up to GEL 100,000;
Review the financing in case of any credit history;
Grace period of up to 6 months;
Decreasing payment schedule, tailored to your income;
Transferring from any financial organization;
Fast and simplified procedures;

Why You Should Use the MBC Start Up Loan


Because MBC is always a better choice!


  • MBC sponsors your ideas;
  • MBC will review any customer application with any credit history;
  • Loans are issued to both legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, as well as self-employed persons;
  • The payment schedule is individually adjusted to the customer's income;
  • Minimum documentation and simplified borrowing procedures;
  • Take adventage of MBC services throughout most cities in Georgia!

What is needed to get a loan?

ID card or passport

Have an idea or running a business

Appropriate collateral

Main Terms of the Startup Loan

Loan Currency
Maximum Loan Amount
Maximum Loan Term
120 Months
Nominal Interest Rate (Fixed)
From 20% (Fixed)
Effective Interest Rate
From 22.3%
From 1% To 2%
Standard Cost of Lien Registration
GEL 113
Standard Cost of Mortgage Registration
GEL 76
Overdue Fine
Early Redemption Fee - Before the End of the Contract There is Left:
1 Month: 0%; 6-12 Month: 0,5%; 12-24 Month: 1%; 24 + Month: 2%

How do I get the desired amount

Fill out the online application

We will contact you in the next few minutes

Visit a nearby branch

What else do you need to know about Start Up loans

What is a startup?


Startups are often thought of as newly established companies. However, in reality, it is an organization that has great potential for growth and development.




  • If you have an interesting business idea or an existing business, for the development of which you need financial support - MBC is the best choice.
  • You can get up to 100,000 GEL financing from MBC to implement a business idea.
  • Come to MBC and turn the idea into a successful business!

Keep in mind – there are always has the best conditions in MBC!