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MBC is a Member of CSR club

MBC is a Member of CSR club


MBC is a member of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) club.

Eter Chachibaia, the COO of MBC, says the company plans to continue supporting CSR projects. MBC is a member of Global Compact network and recognises 10 principles of UN Global Agreement. 

CSR club currently brings together up to 90 members from business, NGO, public sector and academy. The club aims to raise CSR awareness in business and wider society at an international level, to popularize and promote this area. 

"Our purpose is to establish a reliable reputation on the microfinance market. In order to achieve this goal, the company maintains an experienced team, strong financial partners and good organisational structure. It is the moral obligation of MBC to take care of the environment and population, to achieve commercial success in full compliance with ethical standards, to respect our customers, the nature and the society. 

We plan to continue active support of various social projects in the future. Therefore, we think that membership in CSR club will be very useful and interesting for our company as we have the opportunity to share our knowledge, experience and best practices in the area of social responsibility", - Eter Chachibaia, the COO of MBC, says.

MBC is a Member of CSR club