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MBC is the Golden Sponsor of Colchian Wine Festival

MBC is the Golden Sponsor of Colchian Wine Festival


Colchian Wine Festival "Dia" was held on 24th of November in Zugdidi. MBC was the "Golden Sponsor". The Colchian Wine Festival aimed to raise awareness on colchian wine and aid local farmers.

On premises of a skate park, the festival hosted a showcase of local wine companies as well as family cellar production. Guests were offered to taste wines made from different varies of grapes. Astonishingly, it was the first festival to be held in its scale.

Alongside local wine makers, agricultural product developers were also involved in the festival. In the specially designed agro area, farmers were able to showcase their products. Guests were able to participate in culinary master classes.

Abkhazian autonomous region attracted quite an interest with its agricultural products such as Abkhazian Ajika and Chiri made out of Fruit.

The festival also showcased the work of the well-known Italian explorer, Teramo Castelli, whose work included scenery of 17th century Samegrelo.

Apart from this, Art area provided a showcase and sale of handmade goods created by local artists. Agro machines were showcased as well.

Festival will become a tradition and will be held annually.

Eter Chachibaia, COO of MBC:
"We support the idea of the agro festival. We believe that, these kind of events create important inspiration and motivation for the local entrepreneur in agro industry. 
The main asset the company possesses to achieve this objective is its experienced team, stable financial partners and an adequate organization. It is MBC’s moral obligation to take care of the environment and population, to achieve a commercial success by thoroughly following the ethical norms, to respect our customers, environment and society, and to share experience with those who require it.
Assisting Agro industry is our primary and out most important task, that’s why we are fitted to the region of Samegrelo in terms of product and service. We wish success to the Agro festival and hope, that this event will become a tradition. "MBC" will always support such initiative projects".

MBC is the Golden Sponsor of Colchian Wine Festival