Supporting B2B partnership fair of social enterprises

Supporting B2B partnership fair of social enterprises


MBC continues to support social enterprises as part of its corporate responsibility. The company's outdoor and distance sales manager - Teona Chanturia, provided pro bono mentorship to the social enterprise "Bebias" as part of MBC’s commitment to support social enterprises. There were a number of meetings held during the consultation during which Teona Chanturia shared her experience of corporate sales methods and techniques. The meetings also led to the development of a communication plan for "Bebias" with potential clients. A pro bono consultation was provided to help "Bebia" prepare for the third social enterprise trade fair and increase corporate sales.

The social enterprise "Bebias" was founded in 2018 and as its founder, Giorgi Nozadze states, "it all started ten years ago with a hat knitted by a grandmother for her grandson and turned into an enterprise with great social goals, where grandmothers knit high-quality, natural wool hats and other accessories for the younger generation." The aim of the enterprise is to ensure a dignified aging for grandmothers by generating income for them and letting them know that their work is still very important for society.

In addition, MBC held individual meetings with social enterprises that participated in the B2B Fair in order to identify opportunities for future collaboration. It should be noted that the development of responsible procurement practices is one of the important directions of corporate responsibility for the company. 

The B2B exhibition has been held since 2017 at the initiative of CSRDG. The event is supported by the European Union and Bread for the World as part of the project "Advancing Social Entrepreneurship for a Sustainable and Inclusive Society", implemented by CSRDG in partnership with the Social Enterprise Alliance and partner organizations.