Pro Bono Services - Union of Disabled Persons "IA"

Pro Bono Services - Union of Disabled Persons "IA"


MBC, as an organization with high social responsibility, actively continues to use professional resources to support different groups of society.

This time, the company's marketing group provided pro bono services to the Union of Persons with Disabilities "IA".

As part of the activity, the organization's official Facebook page, its visual side, business and advertising managers were created. A series of trainings were held especially for members of Union "IA" in the direction of social media management, which will allow the organization to independently and effectively manage the page on the above-mentioned platform.

Union of Disabled Persons "IA" was founded in 2005 and its target group is people with severe and profound mental retardation. Day center and labor workshops are functioning in the organization. In order to socialize the beneficiaries and integrate them with the society, the organization actively organizes exhibitions and sales of the products produced in the workshops.