MBC Received a $ 2 Million Loan from a German Bank

MBC Received a $ 2 Million Loan from a German Bank


MBC received a $ 2 million loan from a German bank, BANK IM BISTRUM ESSEN eG.

The company received an unsecured loan of $ 2 million to assist small businesses during the pandemic.

This amount will enable MBC to increase its loan portfolio and offer an even wider range and variety of services to its customers.

Attracting unsecured loans from a German bank during the global pandemic is a clear expression of the trust of international partners for MBC, which in the future will affect the financial stability of micro-businesses, access to financial resources and the economic development of the country.

Here, we remind you that in February 2020, the recognized German international rating company Scope Ratings gave the microfinance organization MBC a credit rating of B + stable.

According to information published on the Scope Ratings website, the rating was given to MBC due to its adequate financial portfolio, profit, management method and positioning in the competitive market. At the same time, one of the factors for holding a high position was the stable development of the company.

At present, Scope's rating is the highest in the B + stable microfinance market.