Information About Convening the Annual (next) General Meeting of Shareholders

Information About Convening the Annual (next) General Meeting of Shareholders


JSC Microfinance Organization "Micro Business Capital" (I/n 404967078)
About convening the annual (next) general meeting of shareholders

  • The annual (next) general meeting of shareholders is convened by JSC Microfinance Organization “Micro Business Capital";
  • Identification code - 404967078;
  • Legal address: Ketevan Dedopali Avenue N68, Floor N1, Office Space N2, Tbilisi, Georgia;
  • Meeting place, date and time: The meeting will be held on July 7th, 2022, at 15:00, at the following address - Shota Rustaveli #29, 0108 Tbilisi, Georgia (Biltmore Hotel);
  • Shareholders' accounting day: July 1st, 2022 (only those persons who are registered as shareholders on the accounting day have the right to participate and vote in the next general meeting of shareholders).


  1. Approval of the annual audited financial report of 2021;
  2. Approval of financial results of 2021 and resolving dividend issuance on common shares;
  3. Resolving the issuance of the final dividend for 2021 on preferred shares;
  4. Based on the coming into force of the new law on entrepreneurs, bringing company's charter in compliance with the law, making changes and additions to the charter and approving the new version of the charter;
  5. Based on the requirements of the new law on entrepreneurs, confirmation of the statement on the withdrawal of Chief Executive Officer from Supervisory Board.

A shareholder/group of shareholders holding at least 5 percent of the capital has the right to apply (in writing) to the Board of Directors 14 days before the date of the general meeting and: 

-    To request the addition of issues to the agenda and to attach appropriate explanation or a draft of decision;
-    To present drafts and explanations of decisions on issues considered or to be considered by the agenda;

The registration of shareholders presented at the meeting shall be carried out at the meeting place;

A shareholder can exercise participation and voting rights both personally and through a representative.

Information about convening the meeting is published on the electronic portal of the registering body and on the website of MBC;
Also, the present information with the new version of the charter and other drafts of documents to be approved are sent to all shareholders personally, by e-mail, by Chief Executive Officer.