Useful Information

Useful Information

JSC Microfinance organization Micro Business Capital's Human Resources Management Department aims at attracting young, motivated professionals and supporting their further career development.Company supports employee growth and fulfillment. Various educational and qualification programs and trainings are systematically planned and conducted. Employees also receive a benefit package which includes medical insurance, monetary reward, bonus system and other benefits.

Recruitment Process

MBC's hiring process is made maximally simple and transparent. The selection process includes three distinct steps: resume based selection, testing and interview. In accordance with the vacant position the final decision will be based on educational background, previous work experience, professional knowledge and technical skills.

We offer several tips on writing a successful CV and preparing for an interview.

How to write a CV:

- Adapt your resume to suit the position you are applying for.  Emphasize aspects of your education and experience which   are most relevant to the vacant position.
- CV shouldn't be too long and overloaded. It is necessary to provide following information:  personal information: first        name, last name, contact number, E-mail, date of birth, education, work experience - list all your current and former      places of employment, with approximate dates and job titles, list each position in reverse order starting with                  your current or most recent position; languages; other education; courses and trainings.
- Too colorful and decorated resumes are not acceptable. The preferred format is PDF.
- In case of submitting CV via E-mail the title of the position should be included in the subject line. Put your first and last name in the resume file name to make your document easy to identify.

How to prepare for an interview:

Interview is the best opportunity to make an impression and effectively present all your skills and achievements.

To present yourself well in an interview you should:

- Be on time
- Dress for work
- Conduct a background research on the company
-  Analyze all the details of the job description
- Highlight those qualities that are relevant to the specific job required